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Vippre video reviews

What is it An app for recording, editing and publishing video reviews
Client Vippre
Platform iOS (iPhone)
My roles Interaction design, user interface design

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Vippre travel app for iPhone
Vippre product review app for iPhone

With Vippre, users can plan, record, edit and upload their video review to Youtube, all in one (iPhone) application.
The user is motivated to give some useful information about their subject, separate from the video. And for the video, the user is guided with some ‘default’ scenes that she can re-arrange, edit of delete or create new scenes and start recording into these scenes. This gives the viewer a more chaptered video and encourages the reviewer to retain structure in her video.

Two Vippre apps were created; one for reviewing products (in the broadest sense) and one for reviewing holiday accommodations. Both share the same structure but the colour scheme, data and (default) content is different.

▲ In this video the client shows and tells more about the Vippre app.

Vippre accommodation app - Screen of My video reviews

Vippre accommodation app, screen of My video reviews. The 3 vertical dots on each video block open an action sheet with the option to publish, preview, edit or delete the video.

Vippre producs app - Screen of New video review (info)

Vippre products app – Screen of New video review, video info. Non-required fields are revealed when ‘More’ is pressed.

Vippre products app - New video review (video)

Vippre products app, list of scenes. The user can add new scenes or re-arrange, rename and delete existing and default scenes.

Vippre  accommodation app - Screen of the scenes gallery

Vippre accommodation app, scenes gallery. The basic editing is done in this part of the app.

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