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The Next Pop Talent

What is it A second screen application for the singing talent show The Next Pop Talent.
Client Talpa
Platform iPhone and Android
My role Interaction design

The Next Pop Talent was a singing talent show by Talpa, broadcasted on Dutch television. It ran for one season on SBS6.

The show was accompanied by an app for iPhone and Android, which was intended to extend the show’s experience during and outside of actual broadcasting. Features included background info, tweets and scrapbooks of the candidates and judges, behind-the-scenes photos. The show’s creators rightfully knew that viewers of talent shows can become very attached to their favourite candidates, so offering a pre/post-broadcast experience is a good concept. One of the features was a second screen game, active during broadcast; During a candidate’s performance, viewers could guess if the candidate would be allowed to go to the next round or not.

Some of the features in more detail:

Second screen live game
The live game in the app allowed viewers to guess if the performing candidate would go through to the next round. They had a certain amount of time to make their decision. At the end of the show, the game would display the names of the users who guessed correct most of the time.

Digital scrapbook of the talent
The app featured a digital diary of each of the candidates that were through to the next round(s). It resembled a real book with short stories and photos of the candidates, maintained by the candidates themselves. User could flip through the pages of their favourite candidate’s books.

Paparazzi camera
This feature was a bit dubious, but the idea was funny. Learning from previous talent shows, it was a given fact that candidates would gather a huge number of fans as they advanced through the live shows. As their fame would increase, so would the number of live performances throughout the country and with it, the chances to ‘spot’ them somewhere. To accommodate this fact, someone had the idea for a paparazzi camera. With this feature, users could make a set of photos (like a paparazzi photographer), pick which talent is on the photos and where they were taken (via auto-locate). The outcome would be a paparazzi wall with various photos of the talents gathered via crowdsourcing.

I worked on the interaction design together with my colleague at XS2.
I also did the interaction design for the live game that would be playable during the broadcast.

..this project description is in still in progress..

This is a video by Talpa, promoting the app for The Next Pop Talent.



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