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Say cheese, say Alkmaar

What is it A mini-website or landingpage for the Alkmaar kaasmarkt (cheese market)
Client VVV Noord-Holland
Platform Web, specifically targeted at mobile (not responsive)
My role Design

NOTE: Optimized for viewing on small (mobile) screens

Visit the mobile website:

The cheese market is one of the main attractions of Alkmaar and the province of Noord-Holland. During the summer months a large number of tourists visit this 400-year old market.

The cheese market features a big screen playing a promotional video in the background about Alkmaar and its cheese market. At the end of the video, visitors of the cheese market are invited to visit the mini-website/landingpage

The mini-website/landingspage features the above mentioned video, links to sponsors, useful relevant apps and a selection of places to visit while you’re in Alkmaar.

Alkmaar cheese market mini-website/landingpage

Alkmaar cheese market mini-website/landingpage

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