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Redesign Voice Memos iPhone app

What is it A functional and visual redesign for the (default) Voice Memos iPhone app
Platform iOS6
NOTE: This is an older self-initiated re-design

The first motivation for a redesign is because of the graphics. The original looks beautiful; a nice graphic of a shiny condenser microphone and a classic VU-meter. Almost as if you are about to lay down a vocal track in a fancy recroding studio. However, when considering recording a voice memo, I usually think about the compact voice recorders that were popular in 80s/90s, the ones with the micro-cassette tapes.

Another motivation for a redesign covers the usability issues. As for me, the controls are positioned inconveniently low on the display, forcing me to wiggle the iPhone at the top of my hand and bend my thumb to access the stop/list button, for instance.

The final motivation is a combination of the two above. The microphone graphic suggests that the user has to talk into it – a.k.a. the center of the display. The physical mic however, is located at the bottom right. I’ve seen people talk to the screen – in a noisy environment, the user’s voice will blend in with the external sound and as a result your memo will sound like sh#t (this is also the case with the hands-free mode on the phone) For this reason I positioned the microphone graphic on the bottom of the display. I reckon this will trigger the user to talk more towards the direction of the microphone.

Δ Functional sketch

Δ Visual rendering

Δ Interface of the original Voice Memos app, a default app in iOS since v3.0

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