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Jersey Boys musical

What is it Rich Media advertisements to promote the Joop van den Ende musical ‘Jersey Boys’
Client Joop van den Ende/Stage Entertainment
Platform Web and mobile web
My role Involved in the concept, interaction co-design, visual design, animation (Edge Animate)

Jersey Boys is a musical based on the 60s music group Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, who have scored a dozen hit songs that are still covered to this day. This fact was the perfect hook to promote the musical – since many generations know the cover versions of the Jersey Boys, not many younger people know the original artists.

Joop van den Ende theaterproductions and Stage Entertainment brought the musical to The Netherlands and approached XS2 to help promote the play with an interactive angle.

Making use of rich media banners, we wanted to introduce people to (the music of) the Jersey Boys. On one type of banner, the user would listen to a musical cover of a Frankie Vallie song and could choose between three artists who he/she thought was the original artist; two of which were famous covers of the song and one option would be Frankie Valli.
Another banner would ask the user a more general question about the Jersey Boys.
The banners would re-direct to a web application on the Jersey Boys page of

See below some screen exports of the various banners. Unfortunately I can not display them dynamic/interactive.

Expandable leaderboard

One of the expandable leaderboard banners. Pressing the arrow expands or collapses the banner. In the collapsed state the visuals alternate every few seconds

One of the billboard banners

One of the billboard banners. The visuals on the left alternate every few seconds.

One of the large rectangle banners

One of the large rectangle banners. The visuals on the bottom alternate every few seconds.

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