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Digital clock radio

What is it A functional/product design (sort-of) for a digital clock radio

The digital clockradio has fierce competition from smartphones; app stores of all the platforms are scattered with doubtful apps that able you to get to work/school on time. 

I still own an unnecessary large 15 year old clockradio which sole purpose is displaying time. When looking for a new more compact model I noticed how many unpractical and bulky clockradios are being sold in electronic stores. With this in mind I started thinking about a (functional) design for a clockradio with the following requirements: practical, user-friendly, compact and stylish.
The design features are explained below the image.

Functional sketches of the digital clock radio.

Functional sketches of the digital clock radio.

Design features
Compact; 12 x 3 x 4 (width x height x depth in centimeters) External power supply to save space in the unit;
Stylish; no unnecessary shapes, irregularities, ornaments or decorations;
Practical, to be placed on either side of the bed;
– all controls reside on the top, instead of being placed on different sides of the unit
– connections (power supply and auxillary mini-jack for connecting device like an iPod) on the rear;
– speaker next to the time-display faced towards the user, instead of up, side or back;
– the front sits at an angle facing up which makes the clockradio usable for lower side tables or cabinets or when the user stands next to his/her bed;
Controls are hidden under a plastic shield on hinges, expect for the snooze button. This creates a more smoother design and it prevents dust from getting into the dials and switches. The shield could be in the same color as the unit or, for example, (dark) semi-transparant;
– The antenna is hidden in the unit on back-top side, instead of using the common thin cable (if this is possible to be realized technically)

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