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Framez – branded images

What is it An iPhone app to shoot and share branded images with coupons and discounts in return
Client Photoflyer
Platform iPhone
My role Interaction design

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Framez for iOS

Photoflyer is known for it’s brand activation in the form of branded images: Polaroid-esque pictures enclosed in a fully branded frame. The porting to digital was a logical next step and therefore Photoflyer approached XS2 for a mobile solution. The bespoke platform was iOS (iPhone) only.

I created an interaction design that met the wishes of Photoflyer. User scenarios came in handy to see if certain scenarios would work (at least on paper) and to check if both me and the client were on the same page.

The basic idea of the (analog) Photoflyer concept was brought to mobile, but by making use of various features of the iPhone, the mobile solution had become a whole different experience.
Just an overview:
– Snap or import your own photos and see the photo layover already while you take the picture
– Browse Framez made by others
– Find these coupons on a map, around you
– Earn coupons if you share the branded photo via Facebook

I suggested to use square cropped images, much like Instagram. This ensured that the photo layovers (the frames that had be designed for every brand) only had to be designed only once, and would be displayed well in both portrait and landscape mode. In general, it also slightly increased performance thanks to the reduced amount of data.

View below some screenshots of the iOS app.

Framez that can be used for the branded images

Framez that can be used for the branded images. Every row can be swiped to view more items.

Framez around you

Framez around you

Make a branded imageMake a branded image

Make a branded image

Share on Facebook

Share on Facebook in return for a coupon

Wall of Framez

Wall of Framez. A collection of Framez upload by all the users.

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