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This is a portfolio/blog of Gijs Bakker, UX (interaction and UI) designer from Amsterdam.
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What is it An online platform for the interactive- and audiovisual art movement ‘FIBER’
Client FIBER
Platform Web
My role Part interaction design, visual design and part development

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Stichting Fiber had an idea for a website on which they would be able to establish a network of interactive/audiovisual artists and keep them informed about news, development and upcoming events covering this form of art.
The result is a content-rich platform with articles, podcasts, videos, photos and an agenda for Fiber’s upcoming interactive/audiovisual art events, like their annual Fiber festivals.

For the realization of, usability tests were conducted, using eye-tracking and video monitoring (thanks to the usability lab on the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Events page

Events page

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