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Arke (TUI) 787 Dreamliner

What is it A ‘plugin’ for viewing the inside of the Arke Dreamliner in 360º
Client Arke (TUI)
Platform Web (plug-in)
My role Interaction and visual design

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When Arke, the Dutch charter airline branch of TUI, welcomed the Boeing 787 Dreamliner into their fleet, they approached XS2 to help show off this modern high tech aircraft.
Sure, Arke could have made a slick promotion video (besides funny commercials;) or an image gallery. But what about putting the customer virtually inside the aircraft. Using 360 image technology, the user has a 360º view of some off the Dreamliner’s areas, including the flight deck. Besides 360º, the user is also introduced to some of the Dreamliner’s features.

XS2 delivered what could best be described as a plug-in to be embedded in Arke’s own website. Below are some screens of the plug-in.

Start screen

Start screen. Instead of a list I used an interactive image to let the user navigate to the various compartments.

360º image of the 787's Economy class

360º image of the 787’s Economy class. In this screenshot the user pressed on a hotspot.

One the Dreamliner's engines

One of the Dreamliner’s engines.

360º image of the flight deck with an assortment of esoteric flips, levers, knobs and switches.

360º image of the cockpit with an assortment of esoteric flips, levers, knobs and switches.

Hot spot info in the cockpit.

Hot spot info in the cockpit.

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