Gijs Bakker

This is a portfolio/blog of Gijs Bakker, UX (interaction and UI) designer from Amsterdam.
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I am a UX (interaction and UI) designer from Amsterdam. Terminologies aside, anything that’s interactive, anything that involves human-computer interaction, is what I like to think about and design for. Especially if it involves touch interfaces. I studied Interactive Media at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Multimedia Design.
I worked on a number of interactive products for various clients.

What else?
I am fascinated by the behaviour, decision-making and train of thought that people have while using computer systems. These things become apparent by practices like usability testing and A/B testing, but also by simple observation.
I like to observe good & not-so-good usability, not only in digital interactive products but also in everyday things.
Generally, I appreciate simplicity and minimalism and often support the principle ‘form follows function’.

I believe that a solid concept, research, user scenarios and interaction design are (or should be) the foundation for any interactive product, and combined with great copywriting, content strategy and visual design, completes the user experience.

I have an interest in iconography, because of the challenge to successfully communicate something with the least amount of ambiguity – and an interest in copywriting, because copy has so much influence on user behaviour – it’s such an important part of the user experience.

I support any development towards cloud over physical, digital over paper, wireless over cables (who doesn’t) – generally, less physical stuff.

Occasionally I drop something on Twitter and I have a couple of boards on Pinterest. Now and then I also share some thoughts on this website.
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That’s it?
I like playing acoustic guitar and drums, listening to music, watching movies, mountainbiking and my rowing machine. I’m on an ongoing (but lazy) quest to master the Spanish language and lately I’m attempting some soccer ball juggling..